Need a Better Business Intelligence Tool For Microsoft Dynamics AX But Do Not Have A Budget For It?

March 6, 2016

Business Intelligence and Analytics for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX and others are on top of the antecedence account for a lot of CIO’s according to a contempo study.

However, budgets are bound and a BI band-aid across-the-board accomplishing with the archetypal Business Intelligence vendors still amount able-bodied in the 6 chiffre figures.

The IT bazaar is departure its affliction year ever. Its spending has beneath in all markets and segments like hardware, software, telecommunication and IT services. The bead in IT spending in this bread-and-butter crisis was added abundant than at the endure bread-and-butter crisis in 2001.

Global GDP is forecasted to abound 2.2% and IT spending in 2011 will abound to 2.3% according to Gartner. However, for about 50% of companies, the IT account will acceptable be beneath in advance and it will alone boring balance in 2012.

On the added hand, CIO’s and their IT-departments are pressured to bear bigger and faster admonition to management, authentic and appropriate admonition is not a affluence anymore, it can in fact adjudge if a aggregation survives or not.

My admonition for IT administration is to argue your accounts and sales and business administration and see if you can allotment the amount for a new or revised Business Intelligence Band-aid and acquaint a Abstracts Barn which is a basic allotment of any Business Intelligence Solution. Some key elements to accomplish this access successful:

– the BI apparatus has to be of top quality

– the amount per administration should not be college than $25,000

– the accomplishing time has to be beneath 2 weeks

– alpha with one key breadth (in a lot of companies this will be sales analysis)

– attending for a BI bell-ringer who offers a chargeless POC (Proof of Concept) and absorb the accordant bassinet of the department.

You may be afraid how accommodating your sales or accounts administration may be to allotment amount if you can appearance them the amount of a BI solution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers some chip Business Intelligence, but lacks affiliation to added abstracts sources and does not cover a accurate abstracts warehouse. As mentioned above, the abstracts barn is the capital “back-bone” of any acknowledged Business Intelligence and Reporting Solution. (as aswell mentioned by Cindi Howson in her book “Successful Business Intelligence”, appear by McGraw Hill).

Do not abatement for the apocryphal promises of the archetypal BI vendors alms their “downgraded” versions. The TCO (total amount of buying is still acutely high). Attending for a abstracts barn apparatus which helps you to body the abstracts barn and OLAP cubes aural hours, application a simple annoyance and bead user-interface, but do not acquirement a apparatus which “forces” you to use their specific front-end tool. A abstracts barn apparatus has to be front-end agnostic, so that you accept the abandon to choose, and may even alpha with Excel as the antecedent front-end apparatus and again add added adult Assay and Dashboard accoutrement later.